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Local comprehensive training

Becoming a foster carer is a fantastic opportunity for you to make a difference to a young person’s life but it is also the perfect opportunity to develop your own skills, both personally and professionally. Right from the application process, you will be given all the training you need to begin caring for a looked after child, but this by no means where your learning stops. Along with some mandatory training, you’ll be able to identify other opportunities for learning, equipping you with all the tools you need to be the best foster carer you can be.

Want to know more about the training and development available as a foster carer? Book a call back with one of our amazing fostering team who can explain more.

“When you see the child you look after achieve and develop, it is heart-warming and lovely.

- Kerry, Foster Carer

Skills To Foster

All potential foster carers go through a training course called Skills To Foster as part of their application process. The course is made up of 6 sessions which run over three days, equipping applicants with the key skills they need to be a great foster carer. The course is run by our experienced social workers and there are opportunities to speak with current foster carers to hear their stories and share their experiences.

“You always get support - there’s some really good training. It all helps you with your experience really.”

- Robert, Foster Carer

Every day is a learning opportunity as a foster carer. A lot of what you will learn throughout your fostering journey will count towards building your Skill Level. There are 4 Skill Levels, each one focusing on different areas of fostering, including therapeutic parenting, caring for additional needs and safeguarding.

Level 1

You have already completed the Skills To Foster course, and now as a newly approved foster carer, you’ll receive the Level 1 fostering fee. It is absolutely fine to remain a Level 1 carer but many of our carers decide to progress through the skill levels. Some of the first topics you will cover include:

  • Induction

  • First Aid

  • Safer Care

  • Equality and Diversity

  • Record Keeping

Level 2

After you have completed your Level 1 training and have one year’s experience as a foster carer, you can start to work towards qualifying as a Level 2 carer. Level 2 training modules are all practical knowledge, which will help you day to day in your foster care journey and get the most out of your role.

  • Understanding behaviour

  • Attachment

  • Understanding foster care

  • Development in children

  • Developing yourself

Level 3

Level 3 is designed to equip our carers to confidently care for children with more complex needs and to support the wider fostering community in Rotherham. You can become a Level 3 carer once you have 2 years experience as a foster carer in Rotherham. The focus of your training and development will be:

  • Advanced Safeguarding

  • Therapeutic Parenting

  • Contributing to local groups

  • Supporting new foster carers

  • CSE training

Level 4

Level 4 carers undergo specialist training to gain the skills and knowledge to carry out therapeutic parenting for children and young people with additional needs. Level 4 carers cover a wide range of needs but the focus is on physically and emotionally supporting the child in your care who, for example, may have:

  • A life limiting illness

  • A mental health diagnosis

  • An illness requiring treatment

  • A history of substance misuse

  • Entered the care system later

“There is never a bad time to become a foster carer, it just needs to be the right time for you.”

- Christine, Foster Carer

Accessible resources

As a foster carer in Rotherham, you also have access to a wide range of other resources and references to further your training and skill building. On this website, our blog is updated regularly with top tips, case studies, articles and resources that you may find useful to keep up to date with. 

Fostering Rotherham are also members of The Fostering Network, who have an exceptional library of training resources for foster carers, ranging from books to blogs and podcasts, alongside nationwide events, training sessions and conferences.

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