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Become a Mockingbird hub carer in Rotherham

We're hiring! If you love to nurture relationships and have a personality that brings people together, we encourage you to join Rotherham's fostering family as a Mockingbird hub carer.


This role would suit people with previous foster carer experience (with a local authority or independent agency) or individuals who have significant experience working with young people in education or healthcare settings. 

You should have the skills to identify and manage high risk situations for up to 10 fostering families, helping foster carers to provide safe and stable care.

A Mockingbird hub carer plays a pivotal role in providing community support for foster carers and looked after children based in their constellation, helping families stay together.

Learn more about Mockingbird and apply today.

Reasons to become a
Mockingbird hub carer

  • £638 weekly allowance (£33,176 per year, with generous tax relief).

  • Additional annual leave entitlements.

  • A large, friendly community network to support you every step of the way.


If you also care for young people as a second home or emergency carer, you will receive:

  • Additional payments and allowances in recognition of the way hub carers go above and beyond.

  • Additional training opportunities.

Want to learn more?

We are actively recruiting for 2 Mockingbird hub carers in Rotherham.

Join Rotherham's fostering family - apply now.

“There is never a dull moment being a part of the Mockingbird Family Model! It is rewarding, innovative and inspiring; it creates friendship, extends your fostering family, and offers a supportive network like no other”

Mockingbird Liaison Worker

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