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Support and benefits with Fostering Rotherham

Fostering is an incredibly rewarding experience. As a carer, you’re helping a local child stay safe, happy and lead an active life. Making a positive difference has an impact on all of our inspirational foster families. We want to make sure that you and the child in your care feel supported every day of your home match. 

Over 80% of our foster carers recommend fostering with Rotherham Council. We offer a level of support that can be felt at every step of your assessment and beyond into your career as a carer. Our expert team is dedicated to providing the highest standard of care. 

"The support we have received from our Social Worker has been fantastic."

- Sally and David, Foster Carers

Support when you need it

Support around the clock

We offer round the clock support that you can access whenever you need it.

Support from day 1 

We know that everybody’s journey to fostering is different. That’s why we tailor your pathway to foster based on our first calls with you. Once you’re approved you’ll also receive a personalised handbook to navigate the ins and outs of your first home matches.

Support from a linked up team

We have a close knit team- no long waits for approvals and matches, the relevant people sit across the room from your supervising social worker.

Dedicated social worker and home match teams

Throughout your assessment, you’ll be paired with a dedicated social worker. Our team of advisers and social workers has over 200 years of combined experience. 

We have a dedicated placement team who work closely with you and your social worker. All home matches will be matched to your skills and circumstances. The matches only move forward if you and the child are happy with the match.


A community of support

We pair all approved carers as part of our buddy system. Buddies are assigned based on background and experience, so you’ll have a like-minded carer at the end of the phone.


We’re home to 3 Mockingbird hubs which provide regular respite for foster carers, giving the child in your care a chance to meet other looked after children and expand their community.


Join our regular specialised support groups. Free to attend, they provide a space for your family, friends and birth children to meet like-minded fostering families.


Support when times get tough

When times get tough, we’re on your side to help a home match go smoothly. From dedicated helplines to a full therapeutic team and a dedicated fostering support worker for our borough, we’ll ensure the child in your care feels safe and secure and so do you.


On average, our foster carers earn £592 per week

However, the actual amount you will earn depends on a few things like how many children you are caring for in your home, as well as their ages and other factors that are based on the needs of the looked after children in your home.

Financial benefits

Competitive payments and allowances

Fostering is a career unlike any other, but still needs rewarding. We offer skills-based payments as well as allowances to support the child in your care. On average our foster carers earn £592 per week.

Financial support for looked after children

We offer up to £932 a year to help provide the child in your care with a birthday celebration, support religious holidays and family breaks.

Not every child enters fostering with the same belongings. We offer up to £770 for clothing, equipment and school uniform at the start of your placement.

Other financial benefits

You could be exempt from tax on all or the majority of your carer fees

We offer 14 days paid annual leave for carers. This is supported by our 20 respite carers who can look after a child in your care while you’re on annual leave. 


You can claim 45p a mile on transport costs to support school runs and visits with birth families.

Discounts and rewards

Enjoy discounts on days out in the local area so you can make the most of your weekends and enjoy bonding time. All carers can benefit from discounted entry to leisure centres, theatres and activities with our Rothercard. As an approved foster carer you are also eligible for a Blue Light Card which gives you discounts in many high street stores.

"We know that people become foster carers for a variety of reasons and although money might not be your first concern, it is important that potential foster carers understand the fees and allowances available so that you can budget for your family’s outgoings. Download our financial support guide or speak to our team today."

- Lewis, Fostering Social Worker

Local training that’s easy to access

Preparing you to foster

We want to give you the best skills to care for looked after children. This starts from day one of your assessment. 


We offer our foundational Skills to Foster induction training to all new foster carers. Here, you can meet our team and build relationships with other new carers. 


Local training and resources

​All of our training is easy to access, understand and apply. Better still, it’s all based in the heart of Rotherham led by our local team.

Personal development

Every young person is unique, which is why we have a whole calendar of free training that you can enjoy. 


Your dedicated social worker will work with you on a Professional Development Plan to hone your skills and career growth.

"The availability and standard of training is excellent!"

- Janet, Foster Carer

Join a community of carers

Our extensive network of local fostering families is here for you. We’re passionate about providing a home for children in South Yorkshire.

3 Mockingbird Hubs

Our Mockingbird hubs offer support for you and the child in your care. They’re a great way to replicate a larger family structure, and offer respite care whenever you need it.

Local support groups with our wonderful foster carers

We have regular support groups so you can meet with other carers in person, and introduce your wider network to other families who foster.

Our dedicated Facebook group lets you connect with the wider community in South Yorkshire.

We regularly recognise our amazing carers at events and celebrations. 

Our buddy system helps carers meet other foster carers with similar interests and life experiences.

You’ll join our Foster Care Association (FCA). This is a great way to access peer support on an everyday basis. Carers can share experiences, tips, and be heard.

Over 80% of our foster carers would recommend working with us

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