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Fostering that's unique to our young people

At Fostering Rotherham, we believe that every child deserves a loving and supportive home. Regardless of a child’s additional needs, you can help them achieve their full potential as a loving foster carer. Fostering children with disabilities is a unique and rewarding opportunity to make a lasting impact on a child's life.

Children with disabilities is the umbrella term we use at Fostering Rotherham for all types of disabilities. This includes physical disabilities, additional learning needs, and neurodiverse disabilities such as more complex forms of ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, and global development delay.

Make a real difference

Over a third of our children in care currently have Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). By becoming a foster carer, you provide the love and support that these children need to thrive.

Great educational links

We have excellent working relationships with schools in Rotherham, including special schools. High quality education is available for children with SEND.

Comprehensive training

We offer as much training as you’d like to attend throughout the application process and beyond. This includes specialised training from PEG feeding to Makaton.

Ongoing support

You'll receive the full support of a joined-up social work team. Our Children’s Disability social work team has a breadth of experience and works closely with our fostering social workers to ensure the right home for our children with disabilities in care. 

Long- and short-term care

We need both long-term and short-term foster carers to care for children with disabilities in Rotherham. There are roles available for all types of foster care to help support a child with additional needs.


Families Together

Sometimes children placed with their birth families can really benefit from a short break. Our Families Together foster carers host short breaks, such as a weekend or overnight stay, or a day out. This means children can have new experiences, and our foster carers can provide a break for the birth family.

Second home care

This support, sometimes known as Respite Care, is for children in long-term care and their foster carers. A child will visit their second home carer on a short-term basis to provide the same kind of support as Families Together.

Support for children with disabilities doesn’t stop with us. We have great relationships with support groups in and out of the council. These help support children with disabilities in Rotherham and their fostering families. Groups include Elephants in Step, Chat and Chill, RUFC Youth Club, Tumbi, and the Parents Carers Forum.
Our Mockingbird Hub supports fostering families and can be a great network for children with disabilities if needed. Each Hub supports 6-10 fostering families and acts as a central home match.
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“Every child should grow up having that unconditional love from an adult.”

Michelle, Foster Carer

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