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Money may not be your first concern when considering fostering, but we know it matters.

Foster carers like you change lives, and we believe you should be rewarded accordingly. As a Fostering Rotherham carer, you will receive a personalised payment package to say thank you for all the work you do. 

"Once experienced,
you could be earning up to £592 per week."

- Lucy, Fostering Social Worker

Fostering fees & allowances

The financial benefits of fostering with Rotherham
Our fostering payments are based on the age of the child and your current skill level. Each foster carer's payment is split into two parts, the fostering fee and the fostering allowance.  


What is the fostering fee?

The fostering fee is based on your skills. As you progress through our dedicated training program, your fostering fee can increase to reflect your new skills and knowledge. New Carers usually start as a Level 1 carer.

What is the fostering allowance?

The fostering allowance is based on the age of the children in your care, and is to pay for day-to-day care as well as days out, additional clothing and toys. You will also receive a pocket money supplement to pay to the child in your care. The amount of allowance you’ll receive depends on how many children you care for and their ages.

Most foster carers do not pay tax on their fostering earnings

As a foster carer, you could be exempt from paying tax on all or most of your fostering earnings depending on:


How many children you look after
Whether or not it is a complete tax year
Whether or not there are other carers in your household


Expenses and annual leave 


On top of these fees, foster carers can receive additional payments up to £1,702 to cover costs like birthdays, religious, cultural holidays, clothing, equipment and school uniform.

As a foster carer, you will also receive generous local and national discounts at a number of places for family activities, including discounts at Haven, local theatres and museums.

Alongside our competitive payments, you will automatically become part of our wide fostering family and be invited to regular events, meet-ups and training to help you make new friends and settle into your new role with Fostering Rotherham.  

Paid annual leave

We know how important it is for foster carers to feel rested, respected and ready to look after children. We offer all carers 14 days paid annual leave. 

Travel expenses

Foster carers can claim an additional 45p per mile for journeys specific to your looked after child on top of your weekly allowance (up to 40 miles of travel per week is included in your regular fostering allowance payment). 

Robert & Christine, Foster Carers

"You're doing some good and because we’re doing it in Rotherham - we're doing it for Rotherham children - that to me is everything. I couldn’t do it any other way."

How much could I earn as a Fostering Rotherham carer?

Becky & Georgia

Becky is a Skill Level 1 foster carer and looks after Georgia aged 4. Becky receives:

Foster Carer Fee = £113 per week
Basic Allowance = £159 per week

Total £272 per week / £1,088 per month

Nina, Sarah, Faye & Lucy

Nina and Sarah are Skill Level 2 foster carers with two foster children; Faye aged 5 and Lucy aged 8. Nina and Sarah receive:

Foster Carer Fee = £282 per week
Basic Allowance = £334 per week

Total £616 per week / £2,464 per month

Sally & Theo

Sally is a Skill Level 3 foster carer with one foster child, Theo aged 11. Sally receives:

Foster Carer Fee = £197 per week
Basic Allowance = £199 per week

Total £396 per week / £1,584 per month

Mira, Jai, Nita & Anil

Mira and Jai are Skill Level 4 foster carers with two foster children Nita aged 11 and Anil, aged 16. Mira and Jai receive:

Foster Carer Fee = £810 per week
Basic Allowance = £432 per week

Total £1,242 per week / £4,968 per month

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