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About us

Fostering Rotherham is part of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, which means we operate as a not for profit organisation.

We work with amazing local foster carer heroes who offer up their homes and hearts to young people in and around our community.  We work with over 120 fostering families from across Rotherham and South Yorkshire to improve the lives of local children and young people.

Every day, all our fostering team and carers live the RMBC values that are at the core of what we do. We believe in honesty, accountability and always being respectful. We are ambitious, because we want to make a real change for all of Rotherham’s looked after children, and we are proud of what we do.

We hope to welcome you into our local fostering family very soon.

“We believe that children and young people in Rotherham should grow up with the right support to allow them to be healthy, safe and achieve their potential in life. We can’t do this on our own. We’re always looking to expand our community of fostering families from across the Rotherham and South Yorkshire area so we can improve the lives of local children and young people.”

- Justine, Fostering Rotherham Recruitment Manager

 Our responsibilities to Rotherham children

Every child who is placed into foster care in Rotherham is the responsibility of the Council. Having more local carers in Rotherham means our looked after children stay local, in their home town. That’s why we are looking for people who, with just a little bit of compassion, guidance and support, can help us to provide these conditions for children and young people in care.


Having more local carers to Rotherham means that more of Rotherham’s looked after children stay local, maintaining their school life, family connections and friendships. By fostering with us, you’ll be helping children in your community to thrive.

“We feel proud every time someone asks us what we do and we say we're a fostering family.” 

- Andrea, Foster Carer

Rated Good by Ofsted

Our 2022 Ofsted inspection rated our Children and Young People’s Services as Good.

We're proud of this achievement. It gives us the confidence to make promises and to trust our decisions.

We are a Fostering Friendly employer

Rotherham Council is proud to be a Fostering Friendly Employer. The Fostering Friendly scheme is led by The Fostering Network and helps ensure that workplaces can support employees who are also foster carers. 

Here at Rotherham Council we offer our employees the flexibility and encouragement they deserve to balance their work and fostering responsibilities. Amongst other benefits, this includes up to 5 days paid leave to attend fostering training, meetings and assessments. 

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