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All existing carers join us at Level 3. If you already care for a child we will match your fees with no payment gaps during your transfer.

We provide local support when you need it, local training plus a community of over 120 fostering families

Reasons to transfer to us

Transfer in as little as 8 weeks.

As an existing carer, you will have a personalised journey to fostering with us. This can take less time than the full application process new foster carers undergo.

We will match your fees

If you already have a child living with you during the transfer to us, we will match your existing fees. This ensures there are no gaps in your payments and less financial worries.

Join us at Skills Level 3

Experienced foster carers already have the skills needed to foster. When you transfer to us, you will automatically be a Level 3 foster carer and receive the matching fostering fee.

3 Mockingbird hubs

When you transfer to us, you will also be supported by your local Mockingbird hub. We are also planning to expand our Mockingbird hubs across Rotherham to further improve our strong network and support for fostering families.

We have made our transfer process as easy and hassle free as possible.

We will aim to do the hard work for you! Right from the start you will speak to an experienced social worker who has helped many foster carers transfer to us. Most of the transfer paperwork will be done by the Fostering Rotherham team and we will guide you every step during the process. We will also advise you when you will need  to tell your current agency that you wish to transfer to us as well as what  documentation you would need. 

The speed in which you transfer to us will be dependent on a number of factors however some carers have transferred to us in as little as 4 months but for others the process may be a little longer.

If you would like to start the transfer or find out a little more information about transferring, then simply call our team and we would be happy to help.

When you transfer to Fostering Rotherham, you are helping to reinvest time and resources into helping more local children in care and continuously improving the community we love. 

Over 80% of our foster carers would recommend working with us

3 Easy Steps to Transferring

1.  Our fostering adviser team will visit you in your home to discuss how a transfer will work for you.


2. Carry out a streamlined transfer process that’s catered to existing carers. Most of the transfer paperwork will be done by the Fostering Rotherham team and we will guide you every step during the process. 

3. State your intention to transfer. We’ll be with you to offer guidance on how to speak with your fostering provider, and what documentation you’ll need to complete the transfer process.


When you transfer to Fostering Rotherham, you are helping to reinvest time and resources into helping more local looked after children and continuously improving the community we love. 

We always aim to place in house first

Our local RMBC home match team offer matches to Fostering Rotherham carers in the first instance. This means you are often more likely to receive home match opportunities for children from a wider variety of age ranges, with a different range of needs.

Our in-house home match team works closely with our social workers and with you, so we can offer placements quickly, in the right homes for our looked after children. The teams around the child are often in the same office so you’re treated to in-house team-wide knowledge of both you and the looked after child.

Every fostered child is different, just like our carers, so we carefully consider every match which comes our way. We’ll consider your experience, family situation and previous matches. 

We always want to minimise the disruption to a child’s life. We provide support to both you and the looked after child to help keep the family unit stable. Most importantly, it’ll suit both you and the child in your care which leads to a better potential for their future.

“You're doing some good and because we’re doing it in Rotherham - we're doing it for Rotherham children - that to me is everything. I couldn’t do it any other way.”

- Robert and Justine, Foster Carers

If you are already caring for children from Rotherham or another Local Authority we will match your current fees. If you have a vacancy and to acknowledge your skills and experience, you will automatically begin your Fostering Rotherham journey as a Level 3 carer, one of our highest skills levels. 

There will be no gap in payments when you transfer, so you can plan your finances more easily.

During the transfer process, you will also be able to evidence your skills and experience with the potential of being approved at our highest carer payment level. We will also support you to develop you skills over time which could lead to an increase in your skills. 

"We never feel alone, we know where the support is if we need it"

- Tina, Foster Carer

Hear from Fostering Rotherham carers who have also transferred to us

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