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Daniel and Bridget’s story: caring for teenagers in Rotherham

Learn more about caring for teenagers in Rotherham.

Who are Daniel and Bridget?

Daniel and Bridget have fostered for Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council since late 2019 and currently care for two teenagers in the Rotherham borough. The couple, who have not parented before, told us about their fostering roles and the guidance they received from our supportive community of carers and social workers.

Why did you choose to foster with Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council?

There are many different fostering agencies across the UK who recruit foster carers, including local authorities and private organisations. Daniel and Bridget did a lot of research. They say:

“We looked around at different options. We were told initially by an independent fostering agency (IFA) that we couldn’t foster because we had no parenting experience.

The Fostering Adviser from Rotherham came out to speak to us and provided so much information about fostering that it was mind blowing and left us with a lot to think about.

Rotherham is our local council so it made sense to approach Rotherham Council”.

What support do you receive as a Fostering Rotherham carer?

“We talked to our parents in the first instance. Our parents were surprised but they were supportive.

You have to consider that your wider friends and family are also going to be involved with any looked after child in your care”.

Once Daniel and Bridget became newly approved foster carers, their parents were the first people they told: “They were buzzing for us”.

Daniel and Bridget have a good relationship with their Supervising Social Worker, Hannah. They know they can rely on her to help them when they need it. They trust that she will always answer their questions and act quickly when they need her.

The couple also joined a Mockingbird constellation. This is a family model which supports foster carers and looked after children alike - much like an extended family.

Daniel and Bridget told us:

“Anyone who comes into fostering should try to join a constellation for the ‘real life’ advice and practical support that is on offer. It has created an opportunity to bond with other carers.

You tend to gravitate towards carers of children of a similar age to the children who you foster and they provide you with peer support”.

Would you like to learn more about Mockingbird constellations and how they support looked after children and foster carers in Rotherham? Read Nicki and Gary’s story about their experience as Mockingbird hub leaders and foster carers.

What have been your fostering highlights?

Every fostering family has their own personal highlights - here are some of Daniel and Bridget’s:

  • Watching the children grow and develop, helping them to learn who they are and what is important to them.

  • Attending parents evening and hearing about the amazing progress the young person has made!

  • Watching the children turn their lives around and knowing that they played a role in this.

  • Helping the children to learn new skills.

  • Feeling a sense of pride as the young people in their care grow in confidence and self-belief.

What message would you like to give to people who might be curious about becoming a foster carer?

Daniel and Bridget told us:

“Go for it because you never know what it will be like until you have. It isn’t going to be easy but once you get to the end of the process it will be worth it.

“Don’t turn down support even if you think you don’t need it. Our supervising social worker has been supportive and always makes time to speak to the girls.”

Would you like to learn more about joining Rotherham’s foster family as a foster carer?

We are actively recruiting for full-time and part-time foster carers to provide care and support to young people in the Rotherham borough.

We encourage you to download an information and financial support guide using the links below. Alternatively, you can book a call back with our team at a time that suits you - appointments are available 5 days a week.


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