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Kerry and Michael’s Story: Memorable Fostering Moments

Kerry and Michael began fostering 12 years ago. The couple both work full time and have two birth sons, now aged 15 and 20. Kerry and Michael offer respite care, which gives children in care a home away from home on a short term basis.

Support for foster families

Kerry and Michael are part of the Families Together initiative which provides all the training that foster carers need to support children with disabilities and their families for short periods of time. As a fostering family in Rotherham, there is also access to a friendly and supportive fostering community to share experiences and ask questions.

“Respite care has been perfect for us as we can offer our time and plan it around our busy lifestyle, while giving other carers the breaks they need and the chance to do things together with their own families they wouldn’t normally be able to do.”

Kerry and Michael are thankful that their friends and extended family pitch in and offer support when they can. “Our family and friends have been accepting and welcoming of all the children who come into our home,” Kerry said, “and make them feel like they are already part of the family.”

Experiences of foster care

Naturally, fostering comes with challenges but overall, the experience is rewarding and positive. As Kerry pointed out: “We have faced challenges over the last 12 years, such as career changes and bereavement so we have had to juggle things, but the rewards outweigh any difficulties. When you see the child you look after achieve and develop, it is heart-warming and lovely.”

For Kerry, there have been many most memorable moments and she regards their biggest achievement to date as being able to provide continuous respite support.

“Just being in contact regularly and seeing what the children achieve in their lives is a huge achievement for us,” she explained. “Especially when they have enjoyed themselves and are so happy that they can’t wait to return for their next visit.”

“You do need to be caring, selfless and have lots of patience and be fun-loving and child-focused. Be led by what they want to do and what their hobbies are.”


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