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Families Together scheme

Families Together carers are a team of specialist foster carers equipped to support children
with disabilities and their families for short periods of time.

These carers will work with a specific family, or families to provide short breaks on a regular basis, from a few hours a week to a few days a month. This could involve caring for the child in the carer’s home, in the child’s home, or taking them out on an activity.

The children who use the service may have a range of disabilities including physical, learning or sensory impairments, or autism. Short breaks give children a chance to make new friends and to widen their experience by spending time away from home with their Families Together carer.

You can foster if

“As a Families Together Short Breaks carer, it is a privilege helping to support children and
their families as a unit.”

- Liz, Foster Carer 

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