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Daniel's Story

Daniel's story as a foster carer in Rotherham

Daniel told us: “We have been fostering for 6 years and have welcomed 27 children into our home, from newborn babies to teenagers. We started when our 4 children were quite young, and they have grown up enjoying being part of a fostering family.”

“It’s not our role as carers to judge any reasons little ones are with us. It’s our role to make the time in care feel safe and secure – acknowledging their family helps that.”

Occasions like Father’s Day can raise mixed emotions for children in foster care and each fostering journey is different. Daniel told us:

“We always acknowledge the children’s families and aim to build positive relationships with them, as this benefits the children – seeing that everyone gets on. We make cards with the children and take them to buy gifts. We understand that it’s difficult for both the children and their parents, but by celebrating the occasions and talking about feelings, we hope we make the days easier for the children.

I never try to replace any of their dads, I love them and care for them as a father – but I’m always aware that their dad exists and is important.”

Daniel has children of his own, as well as looked after children and marks the day with everybody, including extended family such as grandparents.

“It’s important that children can understand their story every day, obviously days like this and Mother’s Day, Christmas etc bring back memories and their yearning to be back home. But we must be comfortable in talking to them and making them understand why they need to live with us for the time being.

The main thing is to not disrespect or devalue the children’s parents in anyway.”

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