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Your guide to holidays when fostering

We often come across misconceptions and myths when it comes to fostering, and what a fostering family can do together. Holidays can create loads of excitement, especially when you’re going away to somewhere new!

Here’s our guide to holidays when fostering- we’ll help you to plan your trip with looked after children, as well as offering options for when it’s time for some well-earned solo respite.

Holidaying with Looked After Children

Our fostering allowance for all carers covers everyday costs like clothing, food and pocket money for a child in your care. You can read more about our financial support here.

We don’t stop at the everyday costs, though. Our fostering allowance comes with annual additional budgets, including allowances for birthdays, religious holidays and some cash to support a vacation. Whether it’s a weekend away at the seaside or a trip abroad, we offer £267-£460 a year for a looked after child to experience a brilliant break with your fostering family.

Robert and Justine became foster carers 6 years ago, and in that time they’ve taken holidays with the looked after young people in their care. For some looked after children and young people, going abroad or on any holiday can be a brand new experience. Robert told us about one holiday he and Justine took with two looked after young people in their care:

"Oscar and Scott* have been to Corfu with us. They'd never been abroad and never been on a plane, so we were able to take them into the cockpit. It's fantastic when you can do things like that, makes a difference to their lives." - Robert, foster carer

Breaks for our carers

Our carers put so much hard work and time into fostering, and we know that sometimes you need a solo break to rest. Sometimes a bit of time can help you feel refreshed, ready to help even more Rotherham children. We offer all of our carers an optional 14 days’ paid annual leave to support you. Whilst you’re away, we will arrange a second home stay for the looked after child matched with you currently. This means you can rest easy, knowing the child in your care is supported and happy.

Carer Jasmine is connected with second home carers and feels more at ease having this support when she needs it:

"We always know there's support available, we don't feel like we're imposing on anyone." - Jasmine , foster carer

Start your fostering journey with us

If you'd like to start fostering in Rotherham, a great first step is to speak with our experienced support team. Book a call back at a time that suits you. All our call backs are confidential.

*Names have been changed for confidentiality.


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