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Samantha's Story: Caring through the pandemic

Samantha's experience as a foster carer in Rotherham

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the world has changed in previously unimaginable ways. Here at Fostering Rotherham, we’ve made supporting both carers and looked after young people through the global crisis a top priority. As ever, our team is available to offer advice and tools to help carers keep going strong through this uncertain period.

We believe foster carer Samantha put it best: “Many children and young people are needing a loving secure stable home. No matter what is going on in the world our children still need this more than ever.”

Samantha’s fostering journey started after volunteering at her local Sure Start Children’s Centre. It was then that she and her family decided they were ready to start fostering. “It’s something we had always wanted to do as a family,” she explains. “We want to help as many children and families that we can. When our youngest was settled in full-time school we thought that the time was right.”

Since making the choice, Samantha notes that two of the most rewarding parts of fostering are caring for the children and also watching them grow up to meet their milestones. However, when the pandemic hit, the long-time carer had to face unexpected obstacles.

“The pandemic has made me much more cautious of the things we can’t see,” she explains. With the support of professionals, Samantha has been able to navigate these uncharted waters with more ease. “I was quite anxious about face-to-face family time resuming but our social worker helped to ease my anxieties.”

Adopting new technology has meant that Samantha can provide the love and care than her looked after child needs most. “We have Skype family time and extra safety measures have had to be put in place for face-to-face family time,” she explains.

While coping with a pandemic and child-care is a challenge, it’s one that Samantha has risen to. What’s more, she wants to share a touching message with would-be foster carers: “It’s amazing; so rewarding and nothing beats the feeling of a child about to move on to a loving, caring home once you have done your work! Go for it.”

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