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From the telly to Rotherham - watch our foster carers get their skates on!

Inspired by the 2022 John Lewis Christmas advert, our Fostering Rotherham carers enjoyed a day of skateboarding with The House Skatepark and Bench Buddy Arena.

The advert, showcasing a foster carer learning how to skateboard before he begins to care for a looked after child who enjoys the sport, resonated with our fostering team and wider community - and we wanted to give skateboarding a go ourselves!

Rachel, a Fostering Rotherham carer with her husband, tells us:

“[The skateboard] symbolises to me the resilience that you need as a foster carer. You don’t always get it right, you just get back on and have another go and get the support.

We’ve seen today the support and the training that we’ve got - I got on and went skateboarding for the first time and down ramps.

That is the resilience and the support around you, like the Mockingbird hub and your social worker, supporting social worker - all your team around you to help you and give your looked after child and yourself the best experience, and get the children’s needs met”.

Watch our foster carers show of their skills, including an interview with Councillor Victoria Cusworth, who is also a cabinet member for children and young people in Rotherham at Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council and two of our foster carers:

Would you like to learn more about joining Rotherham’s foster family as a foster carer? We are actively recruiting for full-time and part-time foster carers to provide care and support to young people in the Rotherham borough.

We encourage you to download an information and financial support guide using the links below. Alternatively, you can book a call back with our team at a time that suits you - appointments are available 5 days a week.


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