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How to talk to your partner about fostering

Thinking about fostering? It’s important to make sure that your partner is onboard with your thoughts, and see how they feel about potentially becoming a foster carer. Fostering is a big commitment; we want to share some ideas on how to talk to your partner about it.

Before speaking to your partner, you may find it helpful to download our information and financial guides. You can both find answers to any questions you both have during your conversation about fostering:

Create some time for discussion

It’s always great to plan ahead, so you could talk to your partner once you both have time to discuss everything about fostering. Tell them about why you’d like to foster and why you think it would suit you and your family. Let them know that you’re open to discussing how they feel about it too and pass thoughts back and forth until you know what both your opinions are.

Take a look at our fostering stories together

Our fostering stories are full of insights from our existing fostering families and how they found the application process. They also discuss how their lives have changed once they became foster carers. We want you and your partner to feel confident about the idea of fostering together, so you can talk about how you can see a looked after child possibly joining you and your family.

Sign up for one of our fostering information events

We hold monthly online information sessions where our fostering team will talk to you about fostering. We also have the opportunity for you and your partner to submit any questions you have about fostering, so you can feel more confident about how it can work for you and your family. You can find when our next information session is on our website.

Consider these questions with your partner

What type of fostering would best suit you both?

What support network do you have around you? - ie. family, friends etc.

Who would be the main foster carer?

Do you have a spare room for a looked after child?

Book in a call with our fostering advisers

When you both feel ready, you can book in a call with our fostering advisers. We can tell you about how the fostering application process works from start to finish. You can also ask any questions you may have. Book your call today.

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