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How to talk to your friends about fostering

Thinking about fostering? If a looked after child joins you in your home, they will meet your friends and family. We recommend talking to your friends about your idea to foster, so they can support you on your journey and help a child feel comfortable when they visit.

Before speaking to your friends, you may find it helpful to read through our information and financial guides. You can gather information about fostering before talking to them so you’re confident in what you know. You could also look through them together.

Create some time for discussion

Go for a walk with your friend and let them know why you want to foster. Ask them what they think about fostering and answer any questions they might have. Discuss what their role might be if you are approved as a foster carer and check they’re onboard with your suggestions. Your friends may have some questions about how they can support you too, so let them know what would be best for you and your family.

Encourage them to read through our fostering blogs

Our fostering blogs include some insight into how our foster carers find fostering. It may be helpful for your friends to read through some of them to see how being a foster carer can change your current lifestyle. Some of our foster carers share information about their support network through friends and family. They may find this information helpful so they know what support they could provide for you and your family:

Consider these questions with your friends

How would you like to be involved in a looked after child’s life?

How would you like to support our fostering family in the future?

What worries or concerns do you have about fostering?

Book in a call with our fostering advisers

When you feel ready, you can book in a call with our fostering advisers. We can tell you about how the fostering application process works from start to finish. It’s also a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Book your call today.


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