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How to talk to your family about fostering

Thinking about fostering? It’s a good idea to let your family know that you want to become a foster carer. They will most likely be a main part of your support network, so you can talk to them through your fostering journey. It’s also nice to talk your ideas about fostering through with them.

Before speaking to your family, you may find it helpful to read through our information and financial guides. You can gather information about fostering before talking to them so you’re confident in what you know. You could also look through them together.

Create some time for discussion

Invite your family for dinner or pop round for a chat in the garden. Having a nice relaxed environment will allow a good space for questions to be asked. Ask them how they would feel about your family expanding. Listen to their thoughts about introducing a looked after child into your family environment. Let them know your reasons for wanting to foster too and see what their opinions are. Discuss how you’d like them to be involved if you do move forward with fostering and see how they feel about it.

Be prepared to talk about misconceptions

There are unfortunately some stereotypes of looked after children. For you, becoming a foster carer should be because you want to make a difference to local children’s lives. Talk through the foster carer role with your wider family and consider their opinions to discover how becoming a fostering family might change your dynamic.

Be confident

Being confident is a key part of telling your family you’d like to foster. Allow them to learn information about fostering with you so they can explore your interest. The more you discuss with family members, the more confident they will be in your decision. You could look through the different types of fostering to show them which type would fit your home life and why. You can find more information on our website about the different types of fostering.

Consider these questions with your family

How do you feel about a looked after child coming to stay with us?

How could you support us when we become foster carers?

Would you feel comfortable being part of our wider support network?

What are your thoughts or worries about fostering?

Book in a call with our fostering advisers

When you feel ready, you can book in a call with our fostering advisers. We can tell you about how the fostering application process works from start to finish. You can also ask any questions you may have. Book your call today.


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