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Helping asylum seeking young people find a home in Rotherham

At Fostering Rotherham we believe every child should grow up with the right support to make sure they are healthy, safe and can achieve their full potential. This care extends to children who enter Rotherham under any and all circumstances. We have a number of unaccompanied asylum seeking young people who need a safe and loving home in Rotherham.

Thanks to our foster carers, these children can experience a happy life.

What is an unaccompanied asylum seeking young person?

Unaccompanied asylum seeking young people are children and young people who have been separated from their parents or carers and are seeking asylum in the UK. While their claim is processed, they are cared for by a local authority.

The number of lone child asylum seekers in England has risen by almost a third in a year. Statistics from the Department for Education (DfE) show that at the end of March 2023 there were 7,290 looked-after children who were unaccompanied asylum seeking young people. This shows the growing need to find homes for these most vulnerable children.

It is important to respect a child's cultural beliefs and religion. As a foster carer, asking a child in your care how you can best support them with their faith and culture really helps to build a strong bond and help them feel seen and understood.

Why you should foster with us

Dedicated support every step of the way

From Skills to Foster, to our dedicated Refugee Council, we’ll make sure that you and the child in your care feel heard and supported throughout your fostering journey.

Help a child settle into UK life

Some children arrive with nothing and can feel scared. We’re on hand to provide a new wardrobe of clothing, as well as belongings and electronics.

Language and schooling 

We will do our best to match unaccompanied asylum seeking young people with a foster carer who knows the same language. If not, we’ll help with translators and language classes.

Caring for children

You can help a child feel safe, loved and ready to adjust to life in Rotherham.

“Don't be afraid of it! [The children] want to take advantage of opportunities and engage in things. [They've] had a really difficult time and it can be a really rewarding time [for foster carers]. You see them [the children] develop at a really quick rate before your eyes. [You] have to be respectful of their cultural and religious identity and encourage those links, but at the same time, they should be included as a whole in a family life"

-Jess, Specialist Social Worker

Fostering stories

Read our blog to learn more about caring for unaccompanied asylum seeking young people:​

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