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Fostering takes Heart

What is fostering?

Fostering is where you look after a child or young person who can’t be looked after by their birth parents.


This happens for a number of reasons, such as a parent that has become ill and unable to care for their child. 

Most people are eligible to foster. You can foster if:

  • You have a spare bedroom in your home.

  • You are aged over 21.

  • You live within 20 miles of the Rotherham boundary.

  • You speak, read and write English to a good standard.

Sounds like you? Book a call back with us:

Can I foster if I'm single?

Can I foster if I'm LGBTQ+?

Am I too old to foster?

We welcome everybody who wants to foster regardless of their age, gender, sexuality or whether they’re single or in a relationship.


The most important part is that you feel you could give a child the loving and safe home they need.

Who can foster?

Which type of fostering would suit you?

Long term fostering

Long term fostering is where a child is offered a more stable home where they may be looked after by foster carers for an extended period of time, often until age 18.

Task centred fostering

Task centred foster care, also known as short term foster care is where children need a temporary place to stay before returning to their families or into longer-term fostering or adoption.

Emergency foster care

Emergency foster carers take a child into their home at any time, usually for up to a few days. Similar to task-centred foster care, this is temporary while the local authority assesses the child’s future care.

Second home foster care

Second home foster carers provide a home away from home for looked after children to allow them some time away from their foster carers. This can be for a one night sleepover or a whole week.

"During times when you think you can’t reach a child and in the end you do - that is the best thing, it is absolutely brilliant."

-Carol and Nick, foster carers

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