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Sons & Daughters Month - A Care Story

Aidan, Callum, Josh and Sadie's stories

Each October, we join the The Fostering Network in recognising, thanking and rewarding children and young people for the important role they play in welcoming looked after children into their families.

Earlier this month, we had the privilege of speaking to birth siblings Aidan, Callum, Josh and Sadie to discover why they love being part of a fostering family.

The family have been fostering for 6 years and in that time they have fostered an incredible 27 children. 11 year old Aidan, the youngest of the four siblings, was only five years old when he found out that his family were going to start fostering. Aidan says that he remembers feeling “happy to know that we would be helping children from different circumstances."

Sister Sadie, 14, also remembers being “excited and nervous. I was excited because I couldn’t wait to meet and help the children that need our home. Also, I was nervous because it was very new to us."

However, the children did not need to be nervous as they have adapted fantastically to being part of a fostering family. Sadie goes on to explain how she really enjoys preparing the family home before they welcome new looked after children:

“We decorate their bedroom for their age and what their likes are. I have just helped mum get the nursery ready for a baby and I have chosen a jungle theme. I also make them feel comfortable and part of our home.”

Brother Josh, 13, believes that he has learned a lot over the past 6 years: “I have learnt that we have a really nice community in fostering and that I enjoy welcoming children into the house as it is always a good feeling knowing that you are really helping that child out”.

Aidan continues: “I’ve learnt that not all people have an easy life like me, that some have it harder than me."

All four siblings have clearly learned a great deal about themselves as individuals, their family and children in care since becoming a fostering family. The compassion and care that these children show for others is phenomenal.

As Sadie beautifully remarks: “I have learnt that I want to foster when I’m older and be a social worker, working with families who foster. Also, I have learnt that our family's love is strong enough to give it to other children too."

The siblings all said that they would recommend being a part of a fostering family. For Josh, one of the highlights is that “you get to experience what these children go through and you can really help them get a good start in life."

There is no denying that this is one special family who have made a huge impact on the lives of many looked after. As Sadie concludes:

“We get to help children who have a different situation to us and help them to get to the next stage of their lives. It is also nice to see them go home, or see them with their new parents/carers... I would definitely recommend being a part of a fostering family."

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