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Rob's Story

Life as a Rotherham Council foster carer

Rob has been a foster carer with Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council for the past 3 years. He had wanted to foster for a long time, so when his daughter left home to go to university he decided it was the right time for him and his family to foster.

Fostering for Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council was an easy decision for Rob, he wanted to foster local children and to help support his local area. Although there were some initial teething problems with his application (which have long since been simplified), Rob says their social worker was great and was a big support all the way through.

Rob and his family have fostered 7 children and still keep in touch with most of them.

“Most of the children we have had are still in contact with us, indeed three of them come monthly to visit us. I am proud that we have given them all love and attention and by doing so given them pride and belief in themselves.”

Best parts of fostering

When asked what his 3 favourite things about fostering in Rotherham have been, Rob replied:

“Seeing a child sprawled across your settee knowing that they know this is home. Having a hug at bed time knowing that a child feels safe. Supporting a child in whatever they do whether it be at school or leisure and seeing the smile when you do so.”

Rob has attended many training courses and now feels confident in dealing with any challenges which may present themselves.

“Our first year was a massive learning curve.” he says, but throughout his fostering journey he has felt supported by social workers who have done a great job!


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