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Holly and Martin's Story: how to transfer from another fostering provider

We’re always looking to welcome new fostering families to Fostering Rotherham. That sometimes includes existing foster carers, like Holly and Martin*. The couple had been fostering for an independent fostering agency (IFA) but decided to transfer to Fostering Rotherham this year. We’re so proud to welcome amazing carers like Holly and Martin who can bring their experience and knowledge to help keep Rotherham children safe in their hometown. Fostering for your council is an excellent way to guarantee that you’re giving back to the local community, by taking part in a non-for-profit movement.

Transferring doesn't have to be long winded

The prospect of transferring to Fostering Rotherham from another agency might be daunting. We want to make the transition as easy as possible, which is why we have a specialised process for existing carers who transfer. We asked Holly and Martin about their experience. “I have found the transfer process a lot easier than I thought it was going to be!” Holly says. “Rotherham communicated really well with us from the beginning.”

We approach all transfers as individual applications- there’s no one size fits all with our foster carers, and for existing carers it’s no difference. “All our initial questions were answered and Diane, our fostering adviser, was very honest about what we could expect from transferring from an IFA.” Holly remembers. Martin added: “Diane was very friendly- you could tell she has an open and honest approach.”

“Laura made the tedious form F enjoyable!"

There’s of course some paperwork involved with transferring but we make the process as simple and straightforward as possible. Martin and Holly worked with our assessing social worker Laura, who the couple really got along with. “Laura is amazing. We’ve had so many interesting conversations about life in general and our past experience, it made the tedious form F enjoyable!” says Holly. “It feels more like a catch up over coffee than an interrogation.”

Transferring also includes a panel date, but Martin was quick to tell us how friendly they found the panel group. “Everybody put us at ease very quickly…everyone was positive which reassured us.”

Looking to transfer?

We’re always looking for experienced carers who would like to give something back to their local community. Fostering with Rotherham means no long waits between home matches, matching fees for children already in your care and the chance to really develop your skills.

Visit our transfer page for more information, or call 01709 357370.

*Names have been changed for privacy purposes.


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