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Fostering as a Single Parent

Foster carers come from all walks of life and no two are the same.

There is no set formula for what makes the perfect foster carer and although there are some basic requirements to become a foster carer, your relationship status is not one of them. Some single parents may feel that being a lone parent would be a barrier in their application to foster but this is not the case, don’t let being single get in the way of making the amazing decision to foster!

“I held back from applying to be a carer as I was a single parent with 2 daughters so didn’t think they would want me, but I was proved wrong and wished I’d made the call earlier.” - Linda, existing foster carer

Types of fostering

Caring for any child requires a lot of time and dedication and often as a single parent, it can feel like both time and money are stretched. Foster carers are given a weekly fee to cover both the cost of caring for a child and also as reward for their hard work.

While some do continue their careers, many foster carers choose to take on foster care as their full time, only career so that they can dedicate themselves fully to their family. There are also different types of foster care that might be more suited to a single parent that chooses to continue with their career such as respite care, which gives full-time carers a break from their responsibilities.

Support as a foster carer

If you are a single parent who chooses to become a foster carer, you are definitely not alone. One of the best things about becoming a foster carer is the support networks and friendships you can build with those in your local network. From the application process right through your fostering journey, you will be in contact with a fantastic network of both foster carers and social workers who have years of experience with foster care.

Their knowledge and support means you are never alone and your questions can always be answered. As well as your local support network, you will be given all the tools you need to be a great foster carer. Even before your first placement, you will start on a training journey that will enhance your skills as a foster carer, as a parent and a professional adult.

Whatever your relationship status, you are a great role model. If you have the time and patience to care for a looked after child, whatever your life experience, the most important thing is that you are able to listen to and support a child. The same goes for the children already in your family; the sons and daughters of foster carers play an instrumental part in making a looked after child feel welcome and safe.

Learn more about fostering in Rotherham

If you have any questions about fostering in Rotherham, book a call back with a member of our experienced team at a time that suits you. All our call backs are confidential.


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