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How Will Fostering Affect My Children?

If you already have children, it is understandable that you might have some concerns about how fostering will affect them. Fostering has incredible, life-changing implications on the looked after child, but it will obviously affect your family dynamics too. There is no doubt, fostering a child will affect your family, but maybe not for the reasons you might have considered.

"We understand that the impact of fostering a child can be a concern, but we have found that in most cases, it is an experience that both the foster carer and their family have greatly enjoyed."

A New Friend?

As a foster carer, we would expect that you behave like a parent to the looked after child, but for your own children, they have a new friend. Many foster carers have said that their own children love being part of a foster family and are happy to get involved. It gives them the chance to build new relationships, learn more and develop the ability to empathise; a quality which is so important in today’s world. The support network can be great both for the looked after child and carer, as the more the family get involved, the more enjoyable the experience is for everyone.

Potential Conflict

Fostering a child is one of the most generous, caring and rewarding things you can ever do in your life, but as with any new situation, you may find some bumps along the way. It may take a while to form a relationship with your looked after child or your children may not be adjusting to it as quickly as you would have liked. Nothing in life is black and white, and we don’t expect that everything will always be rosy in the garden. That’s why we ensure you have a dedicated social worker to support you, plenty of training and support to deal with situations as they arise. Some things will come naturally, some won’t, and we fully expect to be on hand to help you through the rough patches.

There will be ups and downs, but the positives of the experience, far outweigh any hiccups. Its life-changing for everyone – but in a good way. Talking to your children, keeping communication open and showing you love them just as much, are great ways to ensure it is a positive experience for all.

If you have any concerns you’d like to speak to us about – don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be happy to offer some guidance.

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