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What if my looked after child has behavioural difficulties?

If a looked after child has minor behavioural difficulties, your social worker will have discussed this with you before they become a part of your family. There are also lots of local and national training and support resources available to every foster carer in Rotherham to give you the tools to navigate any bumps in the road.

Looked after children with more severe behavioural difficulties will be placed with more experienced foster carers who have received specialised training with Foster Plus.

Foster Plus carers undergo specialist training to gain the skills and knowledge to carry out therapeutic parenting. Foster Plus carers will receive higher financial support and cannot be working alongside being a foster carer.

Learn more about fostering in Rotherham

If you have any questions about fostering in Rotherham, book a call back with a member of our experienced team at a time that suits you. All our call backs are confidential.


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