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7 apps to help you look after your well-being

Practising self care on a regular basis is essential in order to maintain good mental health.

When days are hectic, it can be difficult to find the time to focus on your well-being.

Whether enjoyed on a phone, tablet or watch, apps have the power to enhance your productivity and improve your mood and resilience. We’ve compiled this list to highlight 7 apps we feel can make a positive difference in your life.

1. Headspace

Free trial for 7 days (subscription is currently £9.99/month or £49.99/year); iOS and Android compatible Headspace is one of the best-know meditation apps on the market. The app includes a free 10-part course aimed at helping you relax and respond to how you are feeling throughout the day.

The premium membership unlocks hundreds of additional meditation choices.

2. Noisli

Free; iOS and Android compatible We all know that background noises can make it difficult to focus on the task at hand. Whether you are working from home or in an open office space, Noisli can be used to drown-out audible distractions.

With the option to choose from a variety of natural sounds, this app aims to reduce stress and boost your productivity.

3. Calm

Free (optional subscription is currently £29.99/year); iOS and Android compatible

Like Noisli, Calm provides you with gentle sounds of the outdoors. Developed to help you unwind throughout the day, this app also features Daily Calm sessions to help you refocus your attention.

Calm allows you to choose relaxing music tracks and Sleep Stories, which are calming tales narrated by celebrities such as Stephen Fry and Matthew McConaughey. With plenty of free content and at £35.99 for a year-long premium subscription, this app is definitely one worth checking out.

4. Wunderlist

Free; iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Chrome compatible Wunderlist allows you to create to-do lists with features such as the option to schedule due dates and reminder alerts. This app also has the ability to assign and categorise tasks.

5. Forest

Currently £1.99; iOS compatible Do you find yourself being easily distracted by the apps on your phone?

Simply set a timer on Forest and a tree will start to grow on your screen. If you leave the app before the time is up, your tree will die. However, each time you stick to your time goals, you’ll earn virtual coins, which can be used towards planting trees in real life. This is a great way to help the environment and practice taking a break from your phone.

6. Done

Free; iOS compatible Done encourages you to form healthy habits by keeping you accountable to your goals. The app allows you to set habit goals and provides a visual summary of your progress to further encourage you to replace bad habits with positive ones.

7. Overcast

Free; iOS compatible If you would like to accomplish more during your downtime, podcasts are a great way to boost your productivity. Overcast allows you to efficiently create playlists that suit your interests.

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