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What Personal Qualities Do You Need to Foster?

Foster children are all different and come from many different backgrounds and it is important that foster carers do too.

At Fostering Rotherham, we know that great foster carers have lots of different types of qualifications and life experiences. However, the most important thing is that they have the qualities that help ensure a foster child or young person enjoys a happy and fulfilling life.

Patience and understanding

Foster carers are often supporting children who are in a vulnerable situation and it takes someone with good patience and understanding to be able to provide looked after children with a positive environment to thrive in.

Honesty and reliability

Foster children depend on you to create stability in their lives and being honest and reliable is fundamental for their security and growth.

Self care

It is vital that you can look after your own emotional and physical wellbeing to be able to do the same for another person.

We all have challenges, stresses and strains in our lives and it is important that as a foster carer, you can manage these to be able to provide a calm and stable environment for both you and your foster child.


In any caregiver role, professional or personal, there are times when your role can become tiring and it may feel like you need a break.

While there may be respite available from your support network, it is important to have the tenacity to persevere with your commitment to your foster child.

Interpersonal skills

In most areas of life, strong communication skills are necessary and the ability to deal with a range of people can be hugely beneficial to a foster carer.

Aside from being able to communicate effectively with your foster child, you will need to be able to communicate regularly with others such as your social worker, the child’s school and other foster carers in your network.

Learn more about fostering in Rotherham

Our foster children are all unique and have different needs, that’s one of the things that makes being a foster carer so special.

They all share one thing though, that they need a safe and supportive home. With help from our team, our foster carers know that they’re giving foster children the opportunities they deserve and playing a vital role in their lives.

If you have any questions about fostering in Rotherham, book a call back with a member of our experienced team at a time that suits you. All our call backs are confidential.


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