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Supporting looked after children on Mother's Day

Mother’s Day (Mothering Sunday) is celebrated in the UK this year on Sunday 19th March.

For the majority of families, it is a happy occasion to celebrate the matriarchs of your family. However, it can be a tricky time for some.

Mother’s Day can present challenges for a number of people, including looked after children.

If a looked after child has had a tricky relationship with their birth mother, they may not wish to acknowledge the day at all. Likewise, it can be difficult if the young person wishes to celebrate their foster mother and are unsure how to do so appropriately.

The most important thing to do is to talk openly and honestly about the day ahead of time, especially if you have other children in the household who may wish to mark the day.

There is no ‘ordinary’ way to celebrate occasions like Mother’s Day. Just like any occasion, it can be a brilliant bonding experience to create new traditions with your fostering family.

If you and your family don’t wish to celebrate traditionally, you could instead celebrate other caregivers, or notable people, in your fostering family’s life.

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