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Couple with young child

Use your existing skills to help children in Rotherham live happy and fulfilled lives.

Round the clock support, 14 days annual leave plus an amazing local community.

A child focused career with a future - use your skills to foster with Fostering Rotherham

Have you worked in early years settings, or perhaps run a youth group or child minded? If the answer is yes, you could make a great foster carer and a huge difference to the life of Rotherham looked after children. Having more Fostering Rotherham carers means more children can grow up to achieve their potential in life - we can’t do this on our own.


Foster children in Rotherham and get rewarded for your time. To recognise your skills, you will start your fostering career as a higher paid foster carer, which with generous tax breaks means that your yearly salary will be the equivalent of £21,050.40*, over 10% higher than the average early years practitioner worker wage in the UK*


As you progress through our training programmes, your fostering fee will also increase and you will be able to care for a wider range of children in the Rotherham area. The skills you learn as a foster carer can also help you in your wider career if you choose to foster and work at the same time. 


We want you to foster because...

  1. You have looked after children before! 

  2. You understand children and have been working with them a long time.

  3. You can get through and reach children in ways social workers cannot.

  4. You have already worked with a wide range of children with differing needs and understand that children have good days and bad days.

  5. You will understand the progress children are capable of with support from adults.

  6. You have the opportunity to step in and make a real impact on a specific child’s life.

  7. You share the same values as our team - we all entered our roles to improve the lives of children and teach them about the world we live in.

  8. You already know about the social care system, the importance of a committed team around a child and safeguarding.

  9. You understand how much you could help a child if you didn’t have to say goodbye at home time.

Earn the equivalent of a £21,050.40 yearly salary when you care for one 11 year old in Rotherham.

How you can make a difference to the lives of children in Rotherham

As a foster carer with Fostering Rotherham, you will have:​

More chance to make a difference to the life of a specific child

Share your passion for improving the lives of young people 24/7 - the foster carer role means you have more opportunities to make positive change outside an educational setting.

Opportunities to care for a wider range of children

It’s okay if you may only have experience caring for a specific group of children. We provide extensive training and support to help you care for all age ranges, including older children and teenagers, if you would like to.

Better work-life balance

Fostering takes place in your own home, so you can spend more time living and less time commuting, while still making a direct difference in your local community. Many of our foster carers also find they have more free time during ‘sociable hours’ than in their previous roles.

Extensive payment rewards

To recognise your skills, you will start as a higher paid foster carer, which with generous tax breaks means that your yearly salary will be the equivalent of £21,050.40*.

"It’s rewarding for me when I become their first point of call in times of happiness, achievement, or upset."

- Christine, foster carer

How your current skills can help you become a foster carer

  • You will understand the importance of safeguarding and protecting vulnerable children and adults.

  • You will understand the importance of regulations when working with children and young people, and how to submit any paperwork required for the benefit of the child.

  • You may have experience working with children or adults with additional or complex challenging. needs or behaviours that require a nurturing response and will understand the different ways to respond to these.

  • You may have experience working with a variety of organisations to support an individual, such as social workers, schools, birth families and medical staff.

  • You may already hold a DBS certificate or other relevant certifications.

  • You will have an appetite to learn more about foster care and how you can directly help a child in the Rotherham area.

Make the career change children in Rotherham need
Over 80% of our foster carers would recommend fostering with Fostering Rotherham to their friends
What support will I receive to become a foster carer?

From the first enquiry, through to assessment, approval and beyond, our dedicated team will be there to support you every step of the way on your pathway to fostering. Our vast experienced team have worked in social work for a total of 211 years and work as a combined team, so even difficult questions are often answered quickly and confidently by your dedicated Social Worker.


If you feel you need advice or you’re struggling, your Social Worker, the wider team and our large fostering community of carers are there to help you. 

Large and friendly fostering community

Alongside our incredible social work team, all 120 of our fostering families are here to support you. You will be invited to regular recognition events and join Rotherham’s Foster Carer Association, who meet regularly for days out and to share advice.

Ongoing continued professional development (CPD)

Alongside your induction training, our carers also take part in regular training opportunities including first aid; Black Lives Matter, safer care and equality and diversity, along with learning about therapeutic approaches which will help you progress through our skill levels, increase your knowledge of working with young people and increase your fostering payment package.

Opportunity to combine your career with fostering

Nearly 40% of foster carers combine work and fostering, so you can continue making a difference to the lives of young people in different settings if you choose to.

When you foster for Fostering Rotherham, you are helping to reinvest time and resources into helping more local children in care and continuously improving the community we love.
Book a call back with our team at a time that suits you.  
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