Ideas for the Summer Holidays

Activities for your fostering family

One of the best parts of being a foster family is making memories that last a lifetime and the summer holidays is the perfect time to do just that!

We’ve put together a list of easy, no-spend activities that will keep the whole family entertained that won’t break the bank.

Get cooking

There’s so many ways to get creative in the kitchen. Make your own pizzas and use it as a canvas for lots of different toppings or create a fruit salad with all the colours of the rainbow.

Build a bug hotel

If you’ve got creepy-crawly fans in the family why not follow this step-by-step guide to create your very own bug hotel.

Climb a hill - and roll down it again!

One of childhood's most simple pleasures!

Finger Painting

Pop down a plastic sheet or some bin liners and get messy with paint!


Suitable for all the family with varying levels of difficulty, origami requires concentration with a satisfying end product for the kids to be proud of.

Play hide and seek

Sometimes the classic games are the best and we forget about them! Give the old classic hide and seek a go.

Make wooden spoon puppets

The possibilities are endless with a wooden spoon!

Create plastic bottle rockets

Perfect for kids who are fans of science. Keep their academic minds engaged with this activity whilst having fun!

Have a games night

With so much technology available, we can often forget about things like board games. Dig out all of your board games and see how many you can play with the family in one evening.

Indoor gardening

Not everyone has the outdoor space for gardening and we certainly don’t have the weather! Pick up a small indoor plant for each family member and learn with the family about how to care for each plant.

Make birthday cards

See who in your circle of friends and family have a birthday coming up and make their birthday cards by hand. A more personal touch and saves a trip to the shops!

Wash the car

Something the grown ups might find a chore can be a blast for young children. Washing the car as a family on a warm day can be an unexpected joy.

Decorate some garden rocks

Go for a walk as a family and collect any smooth or interestingly shaped stones you see on your walk. When you return home, paint them with imaginative shapes and colours.

Take part in the Summer Reading Challenge

Summer reading challenge. The Summer Reading Challenge is back! This year the Reading Agency has teamed up with the Science Museum Group to create a special challenge centred around ‘The Gadgeteers’. Participants will help the six young innovators come up with amazing inventions to help them plan for their towns summer fair celebrations.

The reading challenge is aimed at children aged 4-11 years old and encourages children to read six or more library books over the summer. Children who complete the challenge can win a medal and certificate! Head to your local participating library to find out more!

Make bookmark creatures

These bookmarks add a bit of fun to reading time.

Tour the World in a Week

Do some activities as a family themed around a different country every day for a week, learn a couple of words in their language or eat something associated with that country.

Expand their musical knowledge

Share with them your favourite bands and artists from the past and talk about what was popular at the time, how did you dress? What was on TV? What did you do in your spare time?

Go around the world via Google Street View

Whizz around the world from the comfort of your own home. From Walt Disney World to the sights of London, see the sights without the stress of packing a suitcase!

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