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Looked After Children: Ella's Story

Could you foster a child like Ella?*

Ella, aged 14, came into foster care along with her sister Daisy, aged 12.

Ella and Daisy are placed separately, but have regular contact through the Mockingbird Hub network. The girls had grown apart while in care, but thanks to the work of our foster carer network coming together, they’ve been able to have sleepovers at the hub and now have a really close relationship.

Ella is currently in a short-term home match, but would love to find a home with a fostering family who could continue to support her relationship with her sister.

*These stories are indicative of the children you may meet when fostering with us. These care stories are fictional stories of looked after children. No real names or stories of children have been used in the interest of safeguarding and privacy.

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