Halloween at Home - Ideas for Fostering Families

From dastardly decorations to spooky snacks here are some ideas to help you get in the Halloween spirit!

Pick Your Own Pumpkin

Pumpkin carving is a great craft to get everyone involved in, most shops have pumpkins to buy, but if you fancy a day out why not pick your own? You will need to book a slot this year and check on local restrictions but it can make a lovely day out. Try Father Copleys Pumpkin Festival or Cannon Hall Farm. When you have carved your pumpkin don’t forget to save the flesh… see below for some great pumpkin recipes and ideas of how to use it.

Window Decorating

It’s true that most families won’t be receiving the usual gaggle of witches and ghosts in the form of trick or treaters this year, so why not decorate a window or two to help passersby get into the spooky season? You could try cutting out silhouette shapes from back paper to create an eerie scene, bats and spiders are popular with younger children, but if you have older ones a tricky haunted house can be a good challenge for nimble fingers.

Spooky snacks

Sweets are obviously popular at this time but there are also healthy alternatives that are easy to make, try cutting a banana in half and standing the two halves up, add raisins, or chocolate chips for eyes, these little ghosts are delicious and fun! A peeled tangerine left whole, with an inch of green pepper in the top makes a really cute ‘pumpkin’ too! For the adventurous baker here are a few suggested recipes for using up the the carved pumpkin flesh, like a pumpkin soup or pumpkin pie.

Trick or treat Treasure Hunt

There are some great ideas for indoor treasure hunts available, where treats are hidden around the home and children must solve a clue to find the goody. Clues such as “Skeleton Bones go clatter and clink, have a look under the sink!” and “Look out for creatures with giant fangs, your next clue is where the coat hangs” are just some of our favourites.

We would love to hear from our fostering families about any other creative ideas for Halloween - get in touch by emailing us or messaging us on social media. If this has inspired you to find out more about our amazing fostering community in Rotherham why not book a call with one of our fostering team?

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